Mixed snus and boxes

Is it hard for you to decide what snus to choose among our 200+ varieties? Try different kinds of snus at a reduced price with our mixes!

Skruf Flavor Mix
Price: 23.28 USD

Skruf Flavor Mix

Five cans of flavored Skruf portion snus: 

Skruf Cranberry White                           (cranberry)
Skruf Slim Fresh White (Extra Strong)   (spearmint)
Skruf Slim Polar White (Strong)             (eucalyptus and licorice)
Skruf Slim Mynta White                         (mint)
Skruf Slim Fresh Björnbär White      (blackberry)
1 can is equal to the five cans above

Price: 23.28 USD (184g of which 89.2g tobacco)
Out of stock
Skruf Mix (10 cans)
Price: 45.00 USD

Skruf Mix (10 cans)

Ten cans of Skruf portion snus: 

Skruf Original Portion
Skruf Original White
Skruf Strong (Klassisk)
Skruf Strong White (Klassisk)
Skruf Portion (Extra Strong)
Skruf White (Extra Strong)
Skruf Slim White
Skruf Slim Mynta White  
Skruf Slim White (Strong)
Skruf Slim Fresh White (Extra Strong)

Price: 45.00 USD (384g of which 199.2g tobacco)
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