About Snus/Snuff

What is Swedish snus?

Well, Swedish snus originates from the 18th century and consists of four main ingredients: tobacco, water, salt and humectant substance. Snus is a smokeless tobacco product. Different flavors are added to these four ingredients which provide each and every brand with its special character! At our store you’ll find snus with all kinds of flavors - whisky, raspberry, mint ...you name it!

The Swedish snus (smokeless tobacco) is unique thanks to the special methods used when manufacturing the high quality tobacco. Swedish manufacturers utilize heat treatment that neutralizes microorganisms and ensures fresh snus. Snus is produced under the same law as other foods – as provided by the Swedish Food Legislation (Livsmedelslagstiftningen) – that ensures production in sanitary environments and approved additaments.

How do I use snus?

The most common way to use snus is to place it under your upper lip and leave it be for as long as you like – from a couple of minutes up to several hours (as you first start using snus you might want to leave it in for a shorter amount of time). Snus, or snuff as it sometimes is reffered to, comes in two forms; portion snus and loose snus. Portion snus comes in pre made pouches of various sizes, while you yourself form portions of the loose snus. Snus does not only come in different flavors, but also strengths and sizes.


Loose snus for dummies!

Loose snus is – as one might guess by its name – a moist powder. Unlike the portion snus that comes in premade pouches, loose snus has to be shaped to portions by the snuser himself; and this is how you make your own portions:

  1. Decide on how much snus you want in your portion.
  2. Form it into a cylinder or a sphere with your fingertips. This is called a pris, a pinch of snus or a prilla (Swedish slang).
  3. Place it under your upper lip.
  4. Enjoy!

To form your own pris will take some practice, but in return it allows you to decide on shape, size and density yourself. Loose snus often has a more powerful scent and taste than the portion packed snus.

If you’re having trouble with your prismaking – Icetool and Prismaster may be the solution for you!

Portion snus

Loose snus is great, but it is indeed wonderful to just open up a can of portion snus and get started at once. At BuySnus you’ll find portion snus in all kinds of flavors and sizes. Portion snus comes in three different colors: original, white and black. White and black portions are drier than original portions; the moist allows for quick release of flavor but in turn can make the portions a bit drippy. Our store has many white and original portions to offer whilst General ONYX Portion is the only black portion snus we are able to offer as of the moment.