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General - A classic now available as a chew

General by Swedish Match is one of the most popular and recognizable snus and chew brand in the world. A brand that throughout its 150-year-old history has made a name for itself with its spicy and somewhat peppery tobacco flavor topped with a fresh and acidic touch of bergamot. An iconic flavor that many consider to be the definite original flavor that today more or less has become synonymous with how a classic snus or chew should taste like. With its 22 different kinds tobacco and carefully selected aromas the General recipe is a well-preserved secret that only a handful of persons know about. Many have tried to copy it, but there is only one General!

A Swedish icon with over 150 years of history

This success story started when the visionary man behind General, Johan A Boman, at the age of 21 packed his suitcase and moved away from his hometown Strömstad to try his luck in the big city of Gothenburg. A city founded in the beginning of the 17th century by King Gustavus II Adolphus that quickly grew to become an important center for Swedish trade with the outside world thanks to its strategic location by the Swedish west-coast. A city that back then and still today is a place where cultures meet and where new ideas are born. A home for entrepreneurs and creative minds. A town with an innovative spirit that have seen local business such as the ball-bearing manufacturer SKF and the car pioneer Volvo become world leading companies withing their fields. Goods from all around the world where shipped to the harbor and during the 19th century Gothenburg became Sweden’s own tobacco-Mecca. It was at this time Boman started to work for the tobacco firm Ferd Körn. During the following years he gained experience and knowledge about snus craftmanship. In 1861 he took over the firm that now went under the name J.A Boman & Co. Boman was an ambitious man with a plan and his goal was to make the perfect snus. After several years of hard work, experimentation and a search for the right ingredients his pursuit for perfection was complete. General was released in 1866 and it became an instant success thanks to its nuanced character and supreme quality.

In our EU-shop online right here at BuySnus you’ll find General’s own series of chew. They deliver the same tasty flavors, satisfying nicotine and high-quality experience as their snus counterparts. The only difference is that the tobacco used for the snus is grounded down while the chew’s tobacco is cut down to small pieces. The process after that is the same. Natural aromas and flavors are added before the tobacco blend is packed inside comfortable and convenient portions ready to be enjoyed.

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