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General CUT - A chew that cuts through the competition

What can be said about the well renowned brand General that hasn’t already been said? It has tradition, experience and knowledge under its belt and now an own line of chew. This new expansion to their assortment comes with a truly fitting name, General CUT. Originating from the production method by cutting the tobacco leafs and by the chew’s cutting edge quality.

A big selection of chew

The classic and highly praised General formula manifest itself through this line of chew. A spicy tobacco mix made from the finest tobacco leafs together with natural aromas and a touch of bergamot lays the foundation for the chew from General CUT. CUTs selection of chew is big and varied. Including chew like the well rounded and full bodied General Cut Original, the refreshing General Cut White Ice and the stronger Titanium versions. These Titanium variants has a nicotine content of 20mg/g, a bit higher then the usual 14mg/g which makes them a perfect choice for you who wants a chew with a stronger and more energetic kick.

Whats the difference?

How big is the difference between chew and snus? Pratically none. The divergence lies in production method. The tobacco used in snus is grounded while the tobacco in chew is cut. The result is more or less the same, both are smokeless tobacco products that delivers satisfying nicotine-kicks and tasty flavors.

General CUT sets the bar high

So what can you expect from General CUT? This line delivers a cutting edge chew in a varity of flavors and is available in both regular and strong versions. General CUT is a chew that stands on the shoulder of a giant and sets the aim even higher. This is how chew was meant to be experienced.

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