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The true nordic spirit

How does one define the nordic spirit? Is it the vast forests? The bright and beautiful summers where the sun never sets? Or perhaps it's our love for wonderful things such as coffee and snus? It's hard know exactly, but the Swedish manufacturer Nordic Snus gave it a shot with their tobacco free Nordic Spirit-series, and we at thinks that they succeeded exceedingly well!

Discreet, fresh and innovative

Nordic Spirit is manufactured in Nordic Snus own factory located in the Swedish small town of Vårgårda and comes in two different flavors; Mint and Bergamot & Wildberry. These all white and tobacco free nicotine pouches are optimized to provide a comfortable and discreet fit while they minimizes the drip. The all white character also ensures that they won't stain your teeth. They achieve this by using a innovative filling made out of natural plant fibers. This tobacco free filling deliver the same full-bodied and well-rounded experience as a traditional Swedish snus but in a fresher and more discreet way.

Both white and green

Nordic Snus have and still are involved in several projects that tackles both enviromental- and social problems thanks to their close relation to JTI. Some examples are their work against deforestation, their participation in the ARISE-projekt against child labour and that they use renewable energy when producing their snus and nicotine pouches. All of this from the quality of the product to the manufacturing process makes Nordic Spirit to an innovative and modern brand that builds upon a proud Swedish snus tradition

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