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Feel the power and energy flow through your body with RITE Chew! This ultra strong chew doesn’t hold back when it comes to its powerful nicotine-kicks and refreshing flavors. The manufacturer Ministry of Snus has gathered experience and knowledge for 4 generation, dating back all the way back to 1826. These tobacco connoisseurs know how to focus on the RITE things in order to provide an exhilarating and stimulating experience.

2 variants, 3 flavors and loads of nicotine

RITE is available in 3 different flavors (Original, Mint and Cool Mint) and in two different portion sizes (Large and Slim). The extremely high nicotine content of 28 mg/g (per portion; Slim 15,5 mg, Large 21 mg) enables RITE to deliver highly impressive and ultra strong nicotine-kicks! The two different portion sizes have their own unique and cool advantages. The Large portions contains a bit more tobacco (0,75g) than the Slim portions (0,55g) and provides a fuller sensation. Meanwhile the Slim portions provides a more discreet and comfortable fit. But one thing they have in common is that their white character minimizes the drip significantly, which in turn prolongs both the refreshing flavor and the stimulating nicotine release. Pro tip: Chew lightly on the bag for an even quicker release of flavor and nicotine.

So buckle up and prepare yourself for a thrilling ride, RITE chew was made for you who above all want two things; ultra strong nicotine-kicks and fresh flavors that last for a satisfying long time!

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