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Siberia Chew - An extreme chew

13,100,000km2 with miles after miles of unexplored wilderness, 10,000 years old dead mammoths frozen in the permafrost and with an avarage temperature of -45oC during the long and harsh winters makes Siberia a place where the extreme is the norm. A fitting name for one of the most extreme chew on the market.

Strong, Stronger, Siberia

From GN Tobacoo, the creators of chew like Oden’s, comes one of the strongest chew in the world. The high levels of nicotine (43mg/g) and the fresh spearmint flavour makes the chew from Siberia just as refreshing as a Siberian winter and as powerful as the Tunguska meteorite.

Raw Power

This is not a chew for those who consider themself lightweights. If Siberia was a real person it would’ve worked at a steelmill, ride his snowmobile home barechested despite the freezing cold. When Siberia arrives at home it eats a big plate of shashlik and chases it down with a bottle of vodka. Before bedtime it watches Bambi without braking into tears even once. This is the kind of raw power you can expect from Siberia. A chew for the daredevils, a chew for the adventurers, a chew for those who seeks the extreme – Do you dare?

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