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Skruf - Swedish snus craftmanship

Skruf is a Swedish manufacturer and snus brand hailing from the forest covered province of Småland and the town of Sävsjö. Skruf released their first snus in 2003 with one clear goal in mind, to challenge the snus giant Swedish Match. A tough challenge to say the least, but Skruf has with determination and hard work managed to grown into the second largest Nordic snus manufacturer with over 200 employees. The snus from Skruf has become synonymous with quality and delicious flavors.

Snus with focus on quality

It all started when the two childhood friends and visionaries Adam Gillberg and Jonas Engwall decided to tackle Swedish Match’s more or less total monopoly on snus. As with all new startups they lacked at the beginning the infrastructure, the capital and a strong brand to compete on their rival’s terms. They identified early on their strategy to be highly competitive after their own limitations, they aimed to make a name for themselves by being better than the rest. An ambitious goal that they've been working towards, and in many eyes done successfully, by not being afraid to think outside the box and by knowing their costumers in order to meet their needs. The quality of Skruf’s snus has played an important role for its popularity, but the influence that its stylish designed cans have had should not be underestimated. It started a trend that many manufacturers have been inspired by. But being better than the competition means a lot more than just the quality of the end product. Skruf have with a clear focus on sustainability developed a top of the line production process. Skruf gets its water from nearby lakes, the tobacco used is carefully selected and cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides while the added flavors comes from natural sources. A Swedish snus craftmanship that has taken Skruf to the top!

Skruf’s importance for snus

When Skruf burst on the scene almost 20 years ago it came in as a fresh breath of air and it challenged the snus norms of the time. This innovative spirit still lives on an Skruf is one of the driving forces behind snus’ rising popularity. One early example of this was when Skruf started to sell snus in white cans. Something that today doesn’t sound that revolutionary nor groundbreaking, but back then it was a big leap forward for snus and its image. The majority of the snus cans at the time had dark and neutral colors, a design choice that could give the impression that snus was something that you should enjoy in private and not draw attention to. The new, stylish and fresh design stood out and peaked people’s interest. But it wasn’t all style over substance, the quality of the snus spoke for itself and found its way to snus users’ hearts. It ushered in a new age of snus. It wasn’t longer something mainly associated with industry workers, farmers and car enthusiasts. Snus was now something for everyone, veteran users, smokers, party goers and for the true snus connoisseurs as well. It was and is something that you can enjoy anywhere at any time. At the bar, at work, on your couch at home, on your commute and the list goes on. A can of Skruf is something you carry with pride!

Skruf's selection of snus   

Skruf Snus Selection

Skruf offers today a big and varied selection of snus that comes in different variants, portion sizes, strengths and flavors.

Loose snus:

A loose snus from Skruf provides you with a traditional and classic snus experience, something that Swedish snus users have enjoyed since the 19th century. An excellent example of a high-quality loose snus is Skruf Loose Strong. It got a full-bodied and robust tobacco flavor topped with a dash of rose oil and fresh bergamot. It uses a high concentration of tobacco leaves which makes it stronger than most other loose snus. This high nicotine content ensures that the kicks it delivers are powerful and stimulating. Its moist tobacco blend is easy to bake into portions after your own liking and it deliver an instant release of both flavor and nicotine.

Original Portions:

Skruf’s original portion snus comes in three different strengths: medium, strong and extra strong. They all got a robust and full-bodied tobacco characters and they deliver a well-rounded flavor that is complemented with tasty tones of rose oil and bergamot. These portions are designed to offer a soft and comfortable fit while their humidified tobacco blend makes sure that their release of both flavor and nicotine hits you immediately after you’ve put the portion under your lip.

White Portions:

Skruf got on one of the markets biggest selection of white portion snus and they're available in many different flavors, strengths and portion sizes. You got Skruf’s popular and miny “Fresh”-series:Skruf Slim Fresh White Extra Strong, Skruf Fresh Ultra Strong White, Skruf Slim Fresh White, Skruf Slim Fresh White Strong and Skruf Super Slim Fresh White. Skruf also has white portion snus with clear and well-rounded tobacco characters: Skruf Original White Portion, Skruf Slim White Portion, Skruf Strong White Portion, Skruf Slim White Portion Strong and Skruf White Portion Extra Strong. If you’re a fan of snus packed with tasty flavors then you got snus like Skruf Cranberry White Portion and Skruf Nordic White Portion to satisfy your needs. The big advantage and appeal with white portions are that their somewhat dry surfaces reduces the drip, with in turn lengthens the release of both flavor and nicotine.

Nicotine Pouches:

Something that has taken the market with storm during the last couples of years has been the introduction of tobacco free and all white nicotine pouches. Skruf’s selection of nicotine pouches got a little something for everyone. You got the minty Skruf Super White Slim Fresh that comes in several different strengths, but also other deliciously tasty flavors such as Skruf Super White Slim Cassice, Skruf Super White Super Slim Frozen Shot, Skruf Super White Slim Björnbär and Skruf Super White Slim Polar. One decisive thing that has played a big part in the rising popularity of nicotine pouches is that they provide the same satisfying feel as a regular snus portion while their all white character eliminates the risk of them leaving stains on your teeth, which makes them incredibly discreet to enjoy.

Skruf – when you feel like treating yourself to something extra

Skruf has since 2003 delivered Swedish snus of highest quality. By combining innovation with tradition has Skruf became the go to snus for many users. It’s today on of the world’s biggest and most recognizable brand that offers snus for you who wants to treat yourself to something extra. At BuySnus.com you’ll find a big selection of Skruf-snus available at great prices!

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