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Mini Portion

Mini portion snus is more discreet than regular sized snus portions. It also due to its size the snus of choice for all those wanting a lower nicotine content per portion.

Special offers

All our current special offers in one place! Find the best offers on snus online. We always have a sale on snus!


Chew is a tobacco product, much similar to snus. It comes in either in loose weight or pre-packaged portions (white or original). Chew is used the same way as snus, but can be lightly chewed upon for a quicker release of flavor and nicotine. The tobacco in chew is cut instead of ground as in snus, and the pieces of tobacco is therefore a little bit larger than those in snus.

Portion Chew

Portion chew is cut tobacco pre-packaged in small bags. Discreet and easy to use!


Extra strong

Ultra strong


Nicotine Pouches

All white nicotine pouches that will not discolor your teeth. In this category you will find snus as well as tobacco-free products. Either way, there is one thing they have in common: they all satisfy your craving for nicotine!

Göteborgs Rapé - it stands out on its own

Describing it is like explaining the character of a fine wine: ...with tones of juniper berry and fresh herbs. At the same time, its 1919 origins are humble. A great flavour, created by accident.

Thunder is a high nicotine chew

Thunder - the popular extra strong chew by V2 Tobacco in Denmark. Comes in lots of flavors, sizes and shapes!


Ink is a modern chew series made from high quality long cut tobaccos and comes in several different flavorings and strengths!

U Sample

U Sample is extra strong smokeless tobacco with a clean classic design, high quality tobaccos and different flavorings. White portions for a long lasting release of flavor and strength.


Offroad is a chew produced by V2 Tobacco and is known for their flavoring. Offroad is a value priced snus and you get lots of chew for your money!

Chainsaw Chew

Chainsaw is one of the worlds strongest chew. The white and dry portions delivers a longlasting mintflavor and powerfull nicotine-kicks. Order Chainsaw Chew by V2 Tobacco online at, always low prices and fast shipping.


The Ultra strong RITE Chew by Ministry of Snus is a flavorsome portion chew that delivers extra strong nicotine-kicks. Comes in both slim and large portions and is available in three flavors (original, mint & cool mint). Order RITE online at


LYFT and its tobacco free nicotine pouches comes in several different flavors and two strenghts, medium and strong. An all white, discreet and refreshing brand from Fiedler & Lundgren

on! Nicotine Pouches

on! and it’s tobacco free nicotine pouches delivers long lasting flavors and stimulating nicotine kicks. The all white character reduces the drip, making it discreet and comfortable to use. Order it online within the EU online at

Nordic Sprit True White

Nordic Spirit by Nordic Snus is an innovative series of tobacco free nicotine pouches. These all white portions deliver long lasting flavors and strong nicotine kicks. Order yours within the EU online at


Shiro by AG snus is a tobacco free brand that deliver fresh flavors and energetic nicotine kicks. These all white nicotine pouches fits nicely under your lip and provides a low drip experience. Order them within the EU online at BuySnus

Siberia 80°- An extreme chew

The Siberia chew is one of the strongest out there. With extreme high levels of nicotine (43mg/g) and a fresh spearmint taste, GN Tobacco successfully managed to capture a bit of the Siberian wilderness inside this Swedish chew.

Odens chew - All about Oden at

Oden’s got extremely strong chew which might just blow your mind

White Fox

White Fox is a tobacco free brand by GN Tobacco. These all white nicotine pouches deliver extra strong nicotine kicks and a refreshing mint flavor. Order your can of White Fox within the EU online at Buys


ZYN is a tobacco free brand of all white nicotine pouches from Swedish Match. ZYN delivers stimulating nicotine kicks and long lasting flavors. You can now order ZYN within the EU online at BuySnus.


Skruf is a Swedish brand that delivers quality and tasty flavors. You can now order their chew and tobacco free nicotine pouches within the EU online at BuySnus


General by Swedish Match is a classic brand that delivers a spicy tobacco flavor topped with fresh hints of bergamot. You can now order General's very own chew within the EU online at BuySnus.


ACE, a tobacco free brand by Ministry of Snus that delivers all-white nicotine pouches filled with nicotine and fresh flavors. You can now order ACE within the EU online at BuySnus.


Faro is a tobacco free brand of nicotine pouches that use a tea-based filling. Available in several different strengths and flavors. Manufactured by House of Smoke and you can now order yours within the EU online at BuySnus


You can now order LOOP within the EU online at BuySnus. A tobacco free and all white brand of nicotine pouches by Another Snus Factory packed with tasty flavors and satisfying kicks.


You can now order YOYO within the EU online right here at BuySnus. A tobacco free and all white brand with discreet nicotine pouches that deliver fresh flavors and energetic nicotine kicks.


Swave by the Swedish manufacturer Gotlandssnus is a tobacco free brand that delivers strong kicks and fruity flavors. Order Swave's all-white nicotine pouches within the EU online at BuySnus!

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