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PUCK - Chew packed with power

Take your chew- and nicotine experience to the next level with PUCK! A premium brand from the manufacturer The SnusFactory that combines Swedish tobacco tradition with Swiss precision which have resulted in top-notch portion chew that deliver some of the strongest kicks on the market together with incredibly refreshing mint flavors. PUCK’s black portions use carefully selected tobacco of the highest quality together with the finest aromas to achieve optimal performance. They’re designed to offer a comfortable fit and to provide an instantaneous, satisfyingly intense and long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.

An incredibly stimulating combination of mint and nicotine

PUCK’s impressive selection of flavors is tailor-made for you who loves mint. PUCK Icing Ultra Strong Chew delivers an unbeatable experience with its ultra-strong nicotine kicks (36 mg/portion) together with an ice-cold flavor of cool menthol topped with biting tones of peppermint. A true enforcer that takes no prisoners. PUCK Spearing Chew on the other hand delivers a refreshingly cold flavor of menthol assisted by smooth hints of spearmint. A minty combo that is backed up by an extra strong and energetic nicotine kick (18 mg/portion).

Completely black portions

PUCK’s portions have an exclusive black design that has the same great qualities found in white dry portions. They’re skillfully designed to deliver an instantaneous release of both flavor and nicotine while their dry surfaces minimize the drip, which in turn ensures that this stimulating release last for a satisfyingly long time.

PUCK, chew that deliver kicks that hits you like a slapshot!

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