About Chewing Bags

What are Chewing Bags?

Chewing is definitely not a new way of enjoying tobacco - it is a rather old tradition - but the new modern chew is more like snus than traditional chewing tobacco. It looks the same way as Swedish snus and comes in loose form or in portions. It feels and tastes the same way, and the effect of the nicotine is also the same. The difference lies in the way the tobacco leaves are prepared, while snus is traditionally made from ground tobacco, chew tobacco is cut which makes the tobacco pieces a little bit larger.



How do I use chewing bags?

The most common way to use chewing bags is to place a bag under your upper lip and leave it be for as long as you like – from a couple of minutes up to several hours (as you first start using chew you might want to leave it in for a shorter amount of time). Chew comes in two forms; chewing bags and loose chew. Chewing bags comes in pre made pouches (portions) of various sizes, while you yourself form portions of the loose chew. Chew does not only come in different sizes, but also strengths and flavors.

Portion chew - chewing bags

Loose chew is great, but it is indeed wonderful to just open up a can and get started at once. The chew that comes prepackaged in portions, called chewing bags, comes in either white portions or brown original ones. The moistened original portions provide a quicker and more intense release of flavor and strength, while the white ones are dry on the surface with a moist content, which results in a long-lasting release of strength and flavor.. You will simply have to explore to find out which kind of chewing bag is for you!

If you after a while wish for a quicker release of flavor and strength, the chewing bags can be lightly chewed upon, but if you simply keep it under your lip as with snus there will be a continuous steady release of nicotine.

Loose chew for dummies!

The loose chew is more of a paste than regular loose snus, which actually makes it ideal for beginners to loose since it is easy to mold into a nice prilla, and it also sticks together for a longer time. This is how you make a "prilla":

  1. Decide on how much chew you want in your portion.
  2. Form it into a cylinder or a sphere with your fingertips. This is called a pris, a pinch of chew or a prilla (Swedish slang).
  3. Place it under your upper lip.
  4. Enjoy!

To form your own pris will take some practice, but in return it allows you to decide on shape, size and density yourself. Loose chew often has a more powerful scent and taste than the portion packed snus.

If you’re having trouble with your prismaking – Icetool and Prismaster may be the solution for you!


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