on! Citrus 8 - Nicotine Pouches

on! Citrus 8 - Nicotine Pouches

The tobacco free on! Citrus 8 delivers a flavor just as refreshing as a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. These all white and tobacco free nicotine pouches packs a high nicotine content (8 mg/portion) which makes them perfect for you who prefers powerful nicotine kicks. Combine this with their fresh citrus flavor and you got something stimulating and wonderfully flavorsome.

These nicotine pouches' innovative filling consist of a high quality cellulose powder, something that gives them several neat advantages over portions that uses a more traditional tobacco blend. The stay completely white at all times, which ensures that they won’t stain your teeth. It also gives the pouches a low moisture content (5%). This makes sure that they drip minimally and that the release of both flavor and nicotine last for a long time. And if it weren’t for this stimulating release then you wouldn’t barely notice the discreet and comfortable pouch under your lip thanks its mini-size.

You can now order on! Citrus 8 within the EU online right here at BuySnus.

Type: Nicotine Pouches
Nicotine: 8 mg/portion
Weight: 5.3 g/can


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