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Nordic Spirit - a tobacco free newcomer from Nordic Snus

Nordic Spirit - An all white and tobacco free newcomer inspired by the Nordic

Nordic Spirit is inspired by the Nordic and comes in two different variants – Nordic Spirit True White Mint and Nordic Spirit True White Bergamot & Wildberry. Their innovative and all white nicotine pouches offer something truly extra. Nordic Spirit uses a 100% tobacco free filling made out of natural plant fibers. This high quality filling makes Nordic Spirit deliver the same full-bodied och satisfying sensation as a traditional Swedish snus but in a fresher way. The all white character ensures that the pouches stays completely white throughout the whole usage and that they won’t stain your teeth. They’re optimized for a discreet and comfortable fit as well as minimal drip. This low amount of drip makes sure that both the satisfying rush of nicotine and the refreshing flavor last for a delightfully long time.

Nordic Spirit True White Mint offer a refreshing flavor of menthol and peppermint together with wonderful tones of anise. Nordic Spirit True White Bergamot & Wild Berry provides you with a delightfully fruity and fresh flavor explosion of wildberries and a classic touch of bergamot. Both variants packs a high nicotine content (9 mg/portion) and deliver energetic nicotine kicks that stimulates both your body and mind!

You can now experience the true nordic spirit by ordering Nordic Spirit within the EU in our shop right here at These all white nicotine pouches works perfectly for every occasion, you can enjoy them when you’re relaxing at home or when you’re at work and in the need of an energy boost!

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Nordic Spirit



A thundering duo from V2 Tobacco

A thundering duo!

All good things comes in pairs, just like these new chews from V2 Tobacco. Thunder LIT Blizzard Slim White Dry Chewing Bags (12 mg nicotine/portion) and Thunder Original Slim White Dry Chewing Bags (9 mg nicotine/portion) both provide satisfyingly strong nicotine kicks but they offer two completely different flavor experiences. Thunder LIT Blizzard Slim White Dry Chewing Bags deliver a fresh burst of freezing mint while Thunder Original Slim White Dry Chewing Bags has a mild tobacco flavor topped with fresh tones of bergamot.

What they do have in common is their Slim White Dry chewing bags. These discreet portions are optimized for a comfortable fit while they minimizes the drip almost completely. This low drip plays a big part in their long lasting release of both nicotine and flavor. You can now order these two nicotine packed and flavorful chews within the EU online right here at BuySnus.

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Thunder Chew



Jakobsson's Chew Bags

Jakobsson's Flavor Explosions!

Gotlandssnus popular brand Jakobsson's is well-known for its incredible well balanced flavorings and high tobacco quality. And we are glad that they now also make chew.
We proudly present two new prodcust from popular Gotladssnus:

  • Jakobsson's Ultra Strong Original - spicy tobacco flavor with clear tones of citrus and bergamot.
  • Jakobsson's Ultra Strong Wild Mint - soft but pronounced mint flavor with hints of herbs..

Both variations have 1g-portions, well-filled with ultra strong quality tobacco. Both come in original portions, which have a moistened surface to quickly release flavor and the full strength of 21mg/g nicotine.

Get ready for an ultra strong flavor explosion!

Explore the new Jakobsson's Chew!


Explore the new Jakobsson's Chew



Thunder 10 Chewing Bags

Thunder 10 - for tobacco purists!

When Thunder turned 10, a very special and very limited edition snus was released. The snus was such a success that V2 hought it would be a good idea to share the unique recipe with the chew community as well. So here it is, we are proud to be able to present you Thunder 10 Chewing Bags!

Single barrel tobacco aged in oak casks. No flavor added or needed, just pure high quality tobacco - what a taste! With a nicotine content of 22mg/g it is not for the faint-hearted.

Explore THUNDER 10!


Thunder 10



Thunder X - Chew with extreme strength!

Thunder X - finally here!

We have now added to our line of Thunder snus with an extremely strong variety, Thunder X - it doesn't really get any stronger than this!

With a powerful flavor of mint and menthol and in white dry portions for low drip and a longlasting release of  flavor and strength.

The high nicotine level in all Thunder chewing tobacco is achieved by adding a higher ratio of tobacco leaves, increasing the strength the natural way. No pharmaceutical nicotine is added, natural tobacco all the way!.

This is where you can find Thunder X

Nytt snus hos - Knox Slim White, Blue och Original!



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