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Scooper - The Energy Revolution

Scooper Energy

Scooper Energy – An energetic newcomer that is 100% free from tobacco, nicotine and sugar

Get your kicks in a new, exciting and fresh way with Scooper Energy! A modern brand from the German manufacturer Scooper energy GmbH that goes all-in on flavor and energy, and who does that brilliantly without using any tobacco, nicotine nor sugar. How is that even possible you might wonder? It’s achieved by packing the portions to the brim with caffeine and vitamin B5 that together provide an uplifting and stimulating effect!

The idea that became Scooper Energy

Scooper’s journey started on a road trip between Düsseldorf and Frankfurt where two tired buddies, Michael and Patrik, were stopping at gas stations and truck stops looking for a discreet and convenient alternative to caffeinated drinks. That was when they remembered something their Swedish friends have mentioned to them in the past, a little thing called snus! An idea was born that there should be a product that provides the same stimulating experience a snus, but in a healthier way by substituting the tobacco and nicotine for something else. After some time of brainstorming, testing and hard work this creative idea became a reality, and the result is Scooper Energy!

Innovative solutions and ingredients of absolute highest quality

Innovation was integral to the development of Scooper Energy. Traditional Swedish snus uses grounded tobacco as a base for its portions, something that Scooper has replaced with natural plant fibers. The nicotine has been swapped out for caffeine and the flavors’ sweetness come from xylitol. The natural mix of plant fibers used gives Scooper’s portions an all-white character, which in turn ensures that they won’t leave any stains on your teeth. Their caffeine content (40 mg/portion) is equal to the amount found in a cup of espresso, and together with the vitamin B5 they deliver a stimulating, uplifting and satisfying kick. The xylitol used is extracted from birch bar, a natural source of sweetness which means that no sugar has been added to give the portions their desired flavor and aroma. Scooper’s portions are placed under the lip, just like snus and nicotine pouches, and after that you’ll experience a refreshing explosion of flavor and stimulating rush of the caffeine. Discreet, quick and convenient!

Scooper Energy’s selection of flavors

Scooper Energy has a varied, well-thought out and delicious selection of fresh flavors that has something to offer within most flavor categories.

Scooper Energy Cool Grapefruit:

With these Scooper-portions you’ll enjoy a fruity and tasty flavor of grapefruit topped with a cool touch of mint.

Scooper Energy Fresh Mint:

Fresh, fresher, Scooper Energy Fresh Mint! It delivers an ice-cold mint flavor that leaves a nice cooling sensation under your lip.

Scooper Energy Iced Cola:

Here we have something sweet, cool and delicious! These discreet portions combine a tasty soda inspired cola flavor together with fresh tones of mint.

Scooper Energy Iced Caramel Coffee:

An excellent choice for all coffee lovers! Its portions deliver a creamy and ice-cappuccino inspired flavor of freshly roasted coffee topped with sweet hints of caramel.




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