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Velo changes names and design!

Velo changes names and design

Velo changes names and design

If you have been following the development of Velo’s tobacco-free nicotine pouches, you probably already know that the company is no stranger to name changes. Since the start of Epok in 2014, they have switched to Lyft and as late as 2022 it was time again, this time to Velo. This time it is the product line that is facing changes.

The manufacturer British American Tobacco (BAT) has announced that it will update the names and design of large parts of its range at the start of 2024. The reason for this is to give each product a more distinct character and flavor profile.

New names - Same flavors

However there is no reason to worry that your favorite flavors will disappear from the range. The changes will only apply to the names of the products and the design of the cans. The range of interesting flavor combinations that we are used to see from Velo will remain the same.

In order to ease the transition, Velo has now added an interesting feature to six of their most popular flavors. By removing the standard patch on the top of the box, the upcoming design on the box is made visible.

Recognize your favorite Velo Snus

19 new names

In total, there are 19 products that are now undergoing an update of both name and design, you can find the full list below!

Velo Mini Royal Purple -> Velo Groovy Grape Mini

VELO Mini Royal Purple becomes VELO Groovy Grape Mini

Velo Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim -> Velo Crispy Peppermint Slim

VELO Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim becomes VELO Crispy Peppermint Slim

Velo Mint Mint Slim -> Velo Witty Spearmint Slim

VELO Mint Slim becomes VELO Witty Spearmint Slim

Velo Liquorice Strong Slim -> Velo Lofty Liquorice Slim

VELO Liquorice Strong Slim becomes VELO Lofty Liquorice Slim

Velo Freeze X-Strong -> Velo Mighty Peppermint

VELO Freeze X-Strong becomes VELO Mighty Peppermint

Velo Tropic Breeze Slim -> Velo Breezy Mango Slim

VELO Tropic Breeze Slim becomes VELO Breezy Mango Slim

Velo Ruby Berry -> Velo Blushy Berry

VELO Ruby Berry becomes VELO Blushy Berry

Velo Caribbean Spirit Strong -> Velo Twisted Pineapple

VELO Caribbean Spirit Strong becomes VELO Twisted Pineapple

Velo Elderflower Spritz -> Velo Zesty Elderflower

VELO Elderflower Spritz becomes VELO Zesty Elderflower

Velo Eucalyptus X-Strong -> Velo Zingy Eucalyptus

VELO Eucalyptus X-Strong becomes VELO Zingy Eucalyptus

Velo Freeze Ultra -> Velo Mighty Peppermint 14 mg

VELO Freeze ULTRA becomes VELO Mighty Peppermint 14mg

Velo Freeze Max -> Velo Mighty Peppermint 17 mg

VELO Freeze MAX becomes VELO Mighty Peppermint 17mg

Velo Cool Storm -> Velo Peppermint Storm

VELO Cool Storm becomes VELO Peppermint Storm

Velo Frosty Grapefruit -> Velo Arctic Grapefruit

VELO Frosty Grapefruit becomes VELO Arctic Grapefruit

Velo Iced Melon Mini -> Velo Wintery Watermelon Mini

VELO Iced Melon Mini becomes VELO Wintery Watermelon Mini

Velo Fresh Jalapeno Slim Strong -> Velo Lime Flame

VELO Fresh Jalapeno Slim Strong becomes VELO Lime Flame

Velo Royal Purple Slim Strong -> Velo Groovy Grape

VELO Royal Purple Slim Strong becomes VELO Groovy Grape

Velo Easy Mint Mini -> Velo Spiffy Spearmint

VELO Easy Mint Mini becomes VELO Spiffy Spearmint

Velo Ice Cool Mini -> Velo Crispy Peppermint Mini

VELO Ice Cool Mini becomes VELO Crispy Peppermint Mini

You can find all of your favorite products from Velo here at BuySnus!



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