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Shiro - Tobacco free nicotine pouches packed with minty flavors!

Shiro - Tobacco free, all white and refreshingly minty!

In the search of inspiration for their new tobacco free brand the Danish manufacturer AG Snus turned their eyes toward Japan, a country famous for its innovative ideas och solutions. Influences were taken from inventions that focuses on delivering quick results without compromising quality. The Shinkansen Bullet Trains, CDs and instant noodles are some examples on japanese inventions that has embraced this concept. Shiro (translates to white in Japanese) is designed after same principle and provides you with a quick and wonderfully longlasting release of its fresh flavors and satisfying nicotine kicks.

The two first flavors from Shiro are Shiro Cool Mint and Shiro Sweet Mint. They both deliver minty fresh flavors but with their own unique nuances and twists. Cool Mint offer a satisfyingly intense experience with its strong nicotine kicks (10 mg/portion) and icy flavor of spearmint and menthol. Sweet Mint on the other hand has a sweeter flavor and combines peppermint and spearmint together with medium strong and pleasant nicotine kicks.

Shiro’s nicotine pouches uses a tobacco free and innovative filling made out of natural cellulose fibers. This gives the pouches their all white character which comes with several neat advantages. They stay white at all times and they won’t therefore stain your teeth. It also makes them a bit drier than regular portions which in turn minimizes the drip and lenghtens the release of both flavor and nicotine. An to finish it of the slim size of the pouches makes the fit comfortalby under the lip.

Shiro and its nicotine pouches was made for you who wants to enjoy something delightfully discreet packed with fresh flavors and stimulating kicks. You can now order Shiro Cool Mint and Shiro Sweet Mint within the EU online right here at BuySnus.

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