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General Portion

General Portion

The one and only General Classic Portion! Swedish snus Classic with a spicy taste and pronounced bergamot flavor. Add a hint of tea, grass and leather... Bergamot is a citrus fruit which provides the snus with a fresh taste. For many snusers around the world, General Portion is synonymous for real Swedish snus... Now in 1g-portions again - 24g tobacco weight per can!

Full-sized pouch, moistened for fast and robust flavor release.


Type: Original Portion
Nicotine: 8.5 mg/g
Portion weight: 1 g
Snus weight: 24 g/can


Buy 1 Roll - get 4 Free Extra Cans!
Buy 2 Rolls - get 10 Free Extra Cans!

Price per can: 4,05 EUR
Price per roll: 34,64 EUR = 1 point
In stock
Rolls (10 cans):


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General Portion - Up to 5 Free Extra Cans Per Roll!
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