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Epok Snus - A Swedish Innovation

White tobacco is achieved through a patented and environment friendly production process which carefully purifies and refines brown tobacco. In the process, both the color and unwanted substances such as heavy metals and nitrosamines are eliminated. The portion snus Epok, is completely white both before and after use, quite discreet to use. The feeling under the lip, the nicotine strength and the smell and taste are the same as with ordinary brown portion snus - but the snus won´t run nor discolor your teeth.

The flavors

Epok offers a number of different flavors, among others lime, melon, blueberry, mint and licorice. Choose between portion sizes that are normal or slim, and even though Epok started out as a normal strength snus only, the latest addition was a much appreciated strong version - Epok Ice Cool Mint Strong.

The production process

1. Brown tobacco is selected and prepared for production.

2. The tobacco is purified in a water based, environmentally friendly process. Unwanted substances are minimized.

3. The snus is prepared with the white tobacco, and after that the flavors and other ingredients are added.

4. The finished white snus is packed in portion pouches and placed in the cans, before being shipped to the warehouse at Buysnus!