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Granit snus - The Swedish Granite

The snus brand Granit is manufactured by Fiedler & Lundgren, a long established tobacco company located in Skåne, in the south of Sweden. Fiedler & Lundgren was founded as early as 1835 and was a significant snus manufacturer in Gothenbourg until 1915, when the tobacco monopoly was enforced by the Swedish government.  Fiedler & Lundgren then decided to move its business to neighbouring country Denmark. In 2002 the company returned to Sweden with the goal of offering innovative high quality snus products to the snus consumers, and today we can see the result - a wide range of products that have been received very well, among those the snus series Granit.

Granit - With a Strong Tobacco Character

Granit is a result of fresh thinking and that applies to both content, flavor and packaging.  Granit is made by quality tobacco, and only the best tobacco leaves are used in the process. The flavor of the snus is dominated by a robust tobacco character. Granit comes as loose snus or in white, original or large (maxad) portions. In the white portions, the moisture is kept within the portion to provide a longlasting snus experience with low drip. The brown portions are moistened on the surface for a faster release of flavor and nicotine. The maxed portions are of an extra large size to fill out the lip a little bit extra.

Tradition and Passion

In the modern factory in Malmö, in the southern part of Sweden, a large number of exciting snus products are being made and the quality tobacco used in production is carefully selected. The tobacco comes mainly from North and South America, southern Africa and Asia. Only the finest top leaves of the plant are being used and the control of the process when preparing the tobacco is rigorous. After the tobacco has dried, the plants are sent to Fiedler & Lundgren where it is decided what plants will be used in what snus. Often different kinds of tobacco are used in each snus, to make up an interesting flavor profile.

After grinding, water and salt are added to the tobacco. The water provides moisture and salt is as usual a carrier of flavor. Then it is time for pasteurization and any harmful micororgansisms are destroyed. If any flavors are to be added it is done after the pasteurization. After that, the snus is quickly cooled down to 8 degrees Celsius to stay as fresh as possible. Later on the snus is packaged into portion bags or just as loose snus into cans. The cans get stickers and are sealed before they are quickly shipped to the BuySnus warehouse, all for you to be able to buy your snus as fresh as possible!

Granit snus cans