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Kapten snus

Kapten snus - Danish snus?

Even though snus is a typical Swedish tradition, there are actually a couple of competent snus producers in the neighboring country of Denmark. AG Snus is owned by Assens Tobaksfabrik, a tobacco company with more than 150 years of experience in the tobacco industry. Five generations have perfected the production and manufacturing of tobacco products.

In 2008, the Danish company decided to once again start manufacturing snus, and has since then developed several brands, among those Crafted Snus, Hop(e) and Glory and also Kapten, which is the main product at AG Snus.

Captain, my captain

Kapten is a traditional snus with a typical flavor of tobacco. A light, but definitely noticeable tone of citrus and bergamot together with an undertone of licorice makes this snus interesting and flavorful. Besides a traditional tobacco centric flavor, there are also varieties with melon, mint and licorice!

Innovation and Tradition

AG Snus has the goal to contribute to the development of the global market for smokeless tobacco, by combining the innovatiove spirit at AG Snus with the long tradtion of tobacco production at Assens Tobaksfabrik. The result of this can be found in a can of Kapten, which is a flavorful quality snus!