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Kurbits Snus

Kurbits - Snus inspired by the Swedish porvince of Dalarna

Kurbits is a brand of flavorful snus from the manufacturer with the same name, Kurbits Snus. An exciting newcomer on the market with its home in the Swedish province of Dalarna, a province that also is the source of inspiration for the snus and its flavors. An excellent approach according to us at BuySnus since there is a lot of things to be inspired by from these parts of Sweden. A beautiful nature with deep forests, green meadows and clear blue lakes, but also a rich history and a interesting traditions unique to Dalarna. The province has an own noticeable feeling and aurora, a calm and peaceful state of mind that Kurbits captures with its flavors. The experts over at Kurbits Snus achieves this by focusing on the small yet incredibly important details. Nothing is left up to chance. The tobacco used have been carefully selected, the flavors are perfectly balanced and each step in the production process are closely monitored to guarantee that the snus meets their high standard. These routines and factors results in snus that deliver long-lasting and nuanced flavors together with strong and satisfying nicotine kicks.

Snus with nuanced and delicious flavors

Kurbits Fäbod:

The life surrounding Sweden’s fäbodar was not in anyway a cakewalk. Back in the day these small cabins and chalets where the home for the farmers during the months when their cattle was out crazing for the summer. These fäbodar where located a fair bit away from their farms and the land better suited for agricultural purposes. This remoteness required the farmers to be resourceful and they had to depend on what mother nature could give them, especially when it came to cooking. Spices and aromas had to be gathered from the nearby woods and meadows, and it’s these flavors that you’ll experience with Kurbits Fäbod. A snus with a nuanced and rustic tobacco character topped with hints of herbs, flora and subtle tones of vanilla for a smooth touch of sweetness. A well-balanced flavor combination that brings forth thoughts about long and cozy summer nights shared in good company around an open fire.

Kurbits Morgondagg:

Kurbits Morgondagg is a snus that captures the wonderful and heartwarming feeling of a summer morning. A time of day and year when the warming rays from the sun chases the cool night air away, when the grass is glistening with dew and when the birds welcomes the new day with their song. A tranquil yet refreshing Zen-like state that is the inspiration for Kurbits Morgondagg. The snus has a mild tobacco character that is complemented by lovely flavor tones of viola and licorice. A well-balanced and delicious flavor combination that is topped of by a light cooling effect.

The snus from Kurbits are available in both slim- and normal sized portions. The portions are white and they have somewhat dry surfaces that reduce the drip. This low amount of drip ensures in turn that their tasty flavors and strong nicotine kicks last for a satisfyingly long time.

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