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Göteborgs Rapé

Lundgrens by Fiedler & Lundgren

Lundgrens, one of the popular brands by Fiedler & Lundgren, combines the knowledge of how to produce a traditional snus with a fresh way of thinking - resulting in a modern snus experience!

For instance, two of the portion snus, Perforated White and Perforated Original, have small holes in the paper used for the portion bags. This is to make sure that the flavorful tobacco gets more accessible, that the release of flavor and strength is faster and the snusexperience is all in all more intense. And all Lundgrens' cans have flexlids which are expanding lid compartments for used portions, very practical!

Tradition and Passion

In the modern factory in Malmö, in the southern part of Sweden, a large number of exciting snus products are being produced, and only a mix of selected quality tobacco is used in production. Some of the Lundgrens are produced with organic tobacco leaves grown in Skåne, in the southernmost part of Sweden, but other than that, the tobacco mainly comes from North and South America, southern Africa and Asia. Only the finest top leaves from the plant are being used and the control of the process when preparing the tobacco is rigorous. After the tobacco has been dried the plants are sent to Fiedler & Lundgren where it is decided what plants will be used in what snus. Often different kinds of tobacco are used in each snus, to form that interesting flavor profile.

After grinding, water and salt are added to the tobacco. The water provides moisture and salt is as usual a carrier of flavor. Then it is time for pasteurization and any harmful micororgansisms are destroyed. If any flavors are added it happens after pasteurization. When the snus is done it is quickly cooled down to 8 degrees Celsius to stay as fresh as possible. Later on the snus is packaged into portion bags or just as loose snus into cans. The cans get stickers and are sealed before they are quickly shipped to the BuySnus warehouse, all for you to be able to buy your snus as fresh as possible!