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LYFT, All White without Tobacco

LYFT is an all white tobacco free nicotine product. It was made as an updated version of the first all white snus EPOK. LYFT is made to be as fresh as possible so it is white before, during and after use and will make sure not to give you unwanted discoloring on your teeth. LYFT took the decision to skip the tobacco entirely considering that it’s the nicotine and not the tobacco that gives you the kick. LYFT extracts the nicotine from the tobacco and puts it straight in the pouch together with tree fibers, water and aromas. This all white product is also made to give you the same experience as the older EPOK but without the tobacco.

Flavors & Nicotine Strengths

Lyft comes with the same 6 tasty flavors as Epok, Mint, Ice Cool, Licorice, Lime, Melon and Blueberry. Pouches with a slim format that treat you to a fast delivery and long lasting flavor experience. With 2 strengths that are regular (6 mg per portion) and Strong (10 mg per portion). These strength in combination with the tasty flavors of Lyft make for an awesome nicotine experience.

So with all this said, why not try Lyft out here at and  tell us what you think!

Click here for LYFT!