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Skruf snus

There is a Skruf Snus for Everyone

Skruf is produced in the forests of Småland in the southern part of Sweden and fresh water from the forest lakes are used in the production. Only the best tobaccos are used in the making of Skruf and the famous Swedish standards for production of snus are of course being met. Skruf as a company has a strong focus on environmental issues and are working hard to make sure that their production is as sustainable as possible.

Skruf strives to offer the snus buyers a high quality snus with a wide variety of flavors and strengths, there should be something for every modern snus consumer. Skruf comes in original, strong, loose and different portion varieties. Besides snus with the more traditional tobacco taste, they offer flavors such as cranberry, mint and elderflower.

Skruf snus is a little drier than other portion or pouch snus, but they do this to ensure that the product is smooth and clean to use, creating less chance of it becoming too wet since all the moisture is locked on the inside of the special made cans. The cans themselves are quite plain in their design, and not as fashionably crafted as some other brands. However, they are designed for taste, not for looks.

As previously mentioned, Skruf as a company has a strong focus on environmental issues and an increasing number of their snus varieties are made from 100% certified organic tobacco, produced mainly in Brazil and the USA. You can recognize the organic versions of Skruf by taking a closer look at the lid, if there is a tobacco leaf imprinted on it, you’ve got some organic tobacco in your hand ready to be enjoyed!