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G.3 POW Super Strong (FKA G.3 VOLT)

G.3 POW Super Strong (FKA G.3 VOLT)

New name and new design but with the same fresh flavor!

G.3 POW Super Strong (FKA G.3 VOLT) has a light and spicy tobacco character with peppermint, as well as hints of eucalyptus and cedar. It has a long and narrow portion that is dry on the surface for low drip and a long-lasting release of flavor.

Super strong with a nicotine level of 26mg/g, and produced with the same quality standard as all other snus from Swedish Match - GOTHIATEK guarantees a top-quality product.

Typ: Slim White Dry Portion - extrastark
Nikotin: 26 mg/g
Portionsgewicht: 0,69 g
Snusgewicht: 16,6 g/Dose

Preis pro Dose: 4,79 USD Dosen:
Preis pro Stange: 39,99 USD = 1 Punkt
Stangen(10 Dosen):

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