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All white, tobacco free and wonderfully refreshing

The Danish manufacturer AG Snus has by taking inspiration from the world's leading country in technology developed their own modern and high quality nicotine pouches. Shiro (which means white in Japanese) is a brand packed with innovative ideas and solutions. These tobacco free nicotine pouches are designed to deliver fresh flavors and satisfying nicotine kicks in the most discreet way possible.

Shiro uses a filling made out of natural cellulose fibers. This tobacco free filling gives the pouches an all white character which eliminates the risk of them staining your teeth. The release of both flavor and nicotine hits you fast and last for a long time all thanks to the pouches somewhat dry surfaces which minimizes the drip. The slim format ensures that the pouches fits comfortably under your lip. The combination of these fine qualities makes Shiro delightfully refreshing and discreet to enjoy.

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