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Henrik Jakobsson's Special Persika

He has done it again, Henrik Jakobsson's Special Persika is a sweet snus, finally with the flavor of peach!

This snus has original portions with a moistened surface for a powerful and quick flavor release,
also, its nicotine content of 14 mg/g will be sure to give you the strength your looking for.
Being the third one to show up after Jakobsson's Special Cola and Salmiak, this time the flavor is targeted at the American market as-
peach is a well-known and popular flavor in the U.S.

As Henrik Jakobsson – the founder of Gotlandssnus AB -  said himself when looking for the right flavor for the third Special snus:

When I tested the flavors for the third edition, I searched for a taste experience that would contain sweetness but also some acidity.
Peach turned out to be exactly what I was looking for and I think we managed to create a consistent product with a good balance between these parts.
There is currently no peach flavored snus on the Swedish market, but it is even more common in the United States.
It therefore feels extra fun to launch a completely new taste experience for us Swedes who use snus.

Don't forget that this is a limited-edition snus, so be quick to get yours before it runs out!

Order Jakobsson's Special Persika here!

also take a look at:

Jakobsson's Cola here!




Congratulations, Snubie and V2 Tobacco!

Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander!

The unique Brandy Alexander taste dates back to 2008 with the original Offroad Limited edition. The original Brandy Alexander was later followed by a loose and a Thunder variant.

Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander is the outcome of a collaboration between V2 Tobacco and Chad Jones (Snubie). With the Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander, Chad Jones has hand-picked everything from the nicotine level, number of portions, portion size, the taste and the final design.

*What is „Brandy Alexander“?
A Brandy Alexander is a classic drink made from brandy, cream and Créme de Cacao.

Try Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander!


New snus at - Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander



Take a "cup" of coffee!

Kapten Mini White Café

Kapten Mini portions with distinct coffee character. Experience the delicious taste of white coffee. .

A snus to enjoy all day long - not only when you are longing for a cup of coffee.

Kapten is a relatively new snus brand, but it is based on five generations of experience and knowledge about tobacco.

Take a "cup" of Kapten Mini White Café!


New snus at - Kapten Mini White Café



Thunder Gingerbread Portion

Thunder Gingerbread - I Snow You Love Me

Thunder Gingerbread Portion is an extra strong snus with the flavor of Christmas - gingerbread! Mmmmmmhhh! It has to be in original portions for a powerfull and fast flavor release. A really good Thunder Christmas snus from V2 Tobacco  - get yours while they last!

Get into Christmas mood!


Thunder Gingerbread Portion - I Snow You Love Me



General G.3 WIRE Supert Strong!

General G.3 WIRE Super Strong

General G.3 Wire Super Strong has a fruity flavor of red berries and tropical flavors, very similar to the energy drink flavor of the now discontinued the LaB 13. With its 26 mg/g of nicotine and categorized as super strong, with a powerful release that makes even experienced strong snus users feel the effect.

In a long and narrow portion that is dry on the surface for low drip and long-lasting release and burning effect.

Produced with the same quality standard as all other snus from Swedish Match - GOTHIATEK guarantees a top-quality product.

Get G.3 WIRE!


New snus at, General G.3 WIRE Super Strong



Henrik Jakobsson's Special Salmiak Portion

Henrik Jakobsson's Special Salmiak

Henrik Jakobsson's Special Salmiak is a limited edition snus with a strong flavor of salmiac and salty licorice, without added sweetness.

This strong snus with its 14 mg/g nicotine content comes in original portions with a moistened surface for a powerful release of flavor and strength.

This is a limited edition snus, so you rather be quick - only as long as stock lasts.

Order here!

 New snus at - Henrik Jakobsson's Special Salmiak - limited edition



General and Göteborgs Rapé ONE! Innovative snus from Swedish Match!


Swedish Match invited the Swedish snuser and MMA-fighter Alexander Gustavsson aka the Mauler to develop a new kind of snus, and here is the result!

Alexander had a few specific requests for the snus - he wanted classical, traditional flavors in bigger and softer portions that fill out well under the lip. It was also important that the portions deliver a lot of strength and flavor. Swedish Match got to work and even developed a new method to process the tobacco while filling the portions, which has given ONE the feel of larger and softer portions, hence a more smooth snus experience.

There are three varieties of ONE (well, at least so far). Two General (white and original portions) and a white portion Göteborgs Rapé varietiy. The snus is stronger (14-15mg/g) and the delivery of strength and flavor is impressive.

General ONE Portion - dark and spicy tobacco character with a pronounced flavor of bergamot and citrus, and also hints tea and leather. The nicotine level is at 15 mg/g.

General ONE White - light and spicy tobacco character with a pronounced flavor of bergamot and citrus, and also hints of tea. The nicotine level is at 14 mg/g.

Göteborgs Rapé ONE White - light and spicy tobacco character with hints of lavender and juniper berries, and also some cedarwood and citrus. The nicotine level is at 14 mg/g


Explore ONE!


New snus at - Nordic Storm, extra strong snus in white portions!



Fall snus with a flavor of Apple and Forest Berries

Jakobsson's Äpple & Skogsbär

Let's welcome fall and this seasonal snus from Gotlandssnus! This year the snus has a delicious flavor of apple and dark wild berries and Gotlandssnus has once again perfected the art of flavoring! This great tasting snus comes in original portions of 1 grams each for a quick and powerful release. The nicotine level is 10 mg/g which puts this snus in the medium strength range.

This is a limited edition snus, only available during the months of fall, so grab a can while you can!

Type: Original Portion
Nicotine: 10 mg/g
Portion weight: 1 g
Snus weight: 20 g/can

September Special 10 for 7!


 New snus at - Jakobsson's Fall snus with a flavor of apples and forest berries!



Knox - slim!

Knox - slim!

Two new varieties in stock at - both in the increasingly popular long and narrow slim format.  The soft white portions are dry on the surface for low drip and a long lasting release of flavor and strength. Choose between Knox Slim Original and Knox Slim Blue.

Original: Think quality tobaccos with a dash of bergamot, what could go wrong with a traditional snus flavor such as this? Refreshing notes of citrus and also some light peppery hints to balance it all out.

Blue: Clear tobacco taste in combination with lavender and citrus makes this snus a refreshing and aromatic experience! According to the manufacturer Skruf the flavor of Knox Blue reminds you of the Swedish nature...very nice.


You'll find Knox Slim here!


New snus - Knox Slim - at!



Nytt snus - sommarutgåva från Gotlandssnus!

Summer flavors!

Gotlandssnus' awaited summery edition is finally in stock! Jakobsson's Raspberry & Strawberry has a sweet and fruity flavor combined with the flavor of quality tobaccos - just as good as it sounds! The snus comes in original portions, moistened on the surface for a quick release of flavor and strength. Jakobsson's Hallon & Jordgubb will only be available for a short time, so make sure to place your order soon!

Special offer during June and July - buy 10 pay for only 7!

Type: Original Portion
Nicotine: 10 mg/g
Portion weight: 1 g
Snus weight: 20 g/can

Jakobsson's Hallon & Jordgubb

New Snus - Jakobsson's Hallon & Jordgubb - summer snus in original portions!



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