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Chaini Khaini snus - a new snus from India

Swedish snus produced in India for the Swedish snus market. This is the first time a snus is produced that far away and for the Swedish market. We have our popular producer, V2 Tobacco, that produces Thunder, Offroad and Phantom situated in the neighbor country Denmark. Otherwise all other snus that we sell is produced in Sweden.

Chaini Khaini stated that they are using advanced and sophisticated machinery made from latest German technology specially manufactured for them. The production process initiates with the collection of choicest foliage at the cultivation land. Each leaf is selected with utmost care to provide an entirely natural experience of Indian spices and flavors to the consumers. The production is undertaken with latest technology and there is no compromise on quality and hygiene.

The Chaini Khaini snus comes in two flavors:
- Spices: A snus with a wide range of exotic Indian spices like cardamom, ginger, mint, parsley, etc. The spices are used vividly to produce the tobacco flavors as well as distinctive in their own ways.
- Mango: The mango flavored snus has a composition of tobacco with mango which gives it a very refreshing taste.

Chaini Khaini Snus

chaini khaini

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