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Thunder RAW

More Thunder than ever - RAW Frosted Portion!

Fasten your seatbelts: The upcoming Thunder RAW Frosted Portion will freeze you over with its ultra-high nicotine level and fresh flavor...

Expected to be in stock early November, available for pre-order starting today!

Thunder is a very popular extra strong snus brand, with many different flavors and formats to choose from:

·         Thunder Frosted Portion

·         Thunder Frosted Long+ Portion

·         Thunder Original Portion

·         Thunder Blue Portion

·         Thunder Wintergreen Portion

·         Thunder Coola Portion

·         Thunder Original Loose

·         Thunder Frosted Loose


·         Thunder Chrome: Coffee Supreme Long+ portion, ChocoMint Long+ portion, Coola Long+ portion, Blue Long+ portion and Original OT5 Long+ portion


Thunder RAW Frosted Portion is the latest edition to this incredible big and strong family; it has the popular taste of Frosted and an ultra strong level of nicotine – 21 mg/g!

Thunder RAW...

Thunder RAW 


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