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In Stock Now: 07 White Extra Strong Long

Now in stock: The Lab - 07 White Extra Strong Long! 

The Lab Series continues: The secret has been revealed, 07 has finally arrived! 07 White Extra Strong Long fits perfectly into the Lab Series - a strong but well-balanced and natural tobacco flavor. Slightly more powerfull and with higher nicotine content it sets forth the base flavor with hints of herbs, cedar and flowers, and a little walnut and leather.

The long and narrow pouches fit perfectly under the lip. The snus is dry on the outside to prevent dripping but has just the right moist inside for an extensive flavor release. It is an extra strong white pouch with a nicotine content of 1,8%.

Spicy and extra strong, a combination that hits the bull's eye?

IN STOCK NOW: 07 White Extra Strong Long...

07 White Extra Strong Long Portion 


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