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Ettan Kardus In Stock!

Ettan Kardus In Stock! 

Ettan loose, packaged by hand, precisely as snus was delivered over 200 years ago. This package, called a "Kardus" contains 250 grams of snus. The limited edition Ettan Kardus is only available at the Tobacco and Match museum in Stockholm and at a few selected retailers… BuySnus being one of them!

The round snus cans used today were only introduced some 40 years ago - before that, snus came in oval shaped cardboard boxes, these boxes contained either 50 or 100 grams of snus. Even before those had been introduced, people kept their snus in wooden barrels, porcelain jars or glass bottles.

The method of packaging at that time was called Kardus or “letter tobacco”, as a paper was wrapped around the snus, just like a letter. Today, at the Tobacco and Match Museum in Stockholm, this traditional method still is at display on some occasions.

At, Ettan Kardus is again accompanied by a regular can of Ettan loose, so you have a can you can fill with your Kardus snus then...

Ettan Kardus Loose...

Ettan Kardus In Stock! 


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