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Grovsnus Kardus

A handmade masterpiece - Grovsnus Kardus! 

Are you looking for something extra when buying snus? Then you should have a look at the latest Kardus release - Grovsnus! Hand-packaged loose snus of the highest quality.

Grovsnus Kardus is almost the same as Grovsnus Loose, but there's two things that differs them apart: the first thing is that the Kardus is hand packaged with much carefullness at the Tobacco and Match Museum in Stockholm. The second thing is the experience date, the Kardus has a longer experience date. Exept this things, they are the same and when you buy this luxury version of Grovsnus Loose you will get the same great taste and quality.

There's only made 100 examples of this masterpiece and we have manage to get hold on 30 pieces for our customers - so it's first to come first served!

When you buy Grovsnus Kardus you will get a can of Grovsnus Loose for free.   

Grovsnus Kardus ...

Grovsnus Kardus 


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