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Small Batch

Nick & Johnny

"The snus brand Nick and Johnny launches its first product under the concept name Small Batch. It starts off with a white product with normal strength in a slim format, and with a distinct taste of licorice. By Small Batch the brand Nick and Johnny presents a different snus experience with new flavors and formats, but also new ways of manufacturing snus.

Small batch’s first product comes with a so-called steam blended can, a new technology that is used to give the snus an enhanced taste experience. In combination with its own design expression as well as a new taste and new format, this product is distinguished from other more traditional snus brands.

This Small Batch has a mellow tobacco taste with distinct notes of anise and salty licorice, along with hints of dried herbs."

- Swedish Match

Here at Buysnus we love the idea of Small Batch and we're really looking forward to further products from Small Batch! What do you think about Nick & Johnny's new Small Batch concept?

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Nick & Johnny



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