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Skruf - with Organic Tobacco


At Buysnus we sell totally 15 different kinds of snus from Skruf. Skruf is produced in the forests of Småland in the southern part of Sweden and fresh water from the forest lakes are used in the production. Skruf as a company has a strong focus on environmental issues and are working hard to make sure that their production is as sustainable as possible.

At the moment, seven of the Skruf varieties are made from 100% certified organic tobacco which is mainly produced in Brazil and the USA. You can easily recognize the organic versions of Skruf by taking a closer look at the lid of the can, if there is a tobacco leaf imprinted on it, you’ve got some organic tobacco ready to be enjoyed! You can find out more about this through the links below!

Our sortiment of Skruf


Skruf - organic snus



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