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Henrik Jakobsson's Special Persika

Henrik Jakobsson's Special Persika

He has done it again, Henrik Jakobsson's Special Persika is a sweet snus, finally with the flavor of peach!

This snus has original portions with a moistened surface for a powerful and quick flavor release,
also, its nicotine content of 14 mg/g will be sure to give you the strength your looking for.
Being the third one to show up after Jakobsson's Special Cola and Salmiak, this time the flavor is targeted at the American market as-
peach is a well-known and popular flavor in the U.S.

As Henrik Jakobsson – the founder of Gotlandssnus AB -  said himself when looking for the right flavor for the third Special snus:

When I tested the flavors for the third edition, I searched for a taste experience that would contain sweetness but also some acidity.
Peach turned out to be exactly what I was looking for and I think we managed to create a consistent product with a good balance between these parts.
There is currently no peach flavored snus on the Swedish market, but it is even more common in the United States.
It therefore feels extra fun to launch a completely new taste experience for us Swedes who use snus.

Don't forget that this is a limited-edition snus, so be quick to get yours before it runs out!

Order Jakobsson's Special Persika here!

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