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Swedish Match releases Chainsaw Cold White Dry

New snus: Chainsaw Cold White

The brand new Chainsaw Cold White Dry Portion is finally here! A new Swedish snus from Swedish Match with a delicious minty flavor! Chainsaw Cold White Dry has a more fresh mint flavor, but you can still feel a little sweetness. At we like this new snus a lot, but that’s no surprise as it is related to the popular Thunder snus.

As we mention this is a new extra strong snus from Swedish Match and it has a nicotine level at 22 mg/g. The white dry pouches deliver a long-lasting flavor release, but still gives less drip!

A fun fact is that Chainsaw first was released only as a Chew product, however a short time after they released Chainsaw as a Swedish snus… Of course, we can only speculate but we think it is because it is of the fresh flavor! This is indeed a new mint snus favorite!

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