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New Snus - Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim

Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim!

Epok has made a big impression amongst snus users all over the globe. Their all white, slim and low dripp portions has revolutionized the game and delivers an unique and excellent snus experience. Epok offers a big selection of all white snus in a varity of longlasting flavors and strenghts. But one thing was lacking, an extra strong snus that truly delivers an energizing nicotine kick. To fill that gap comes Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim. An extra strong (16 mg/g nicotine) snus that delivers a quick and longlasting release of both nicotine and a refreshing mint flavor.

As always, the portions are designed for minimal dripping and a comfortable fit under your lip. The circle is now complete!


Type: White Slim Portion - White tobacco
Nicotine: 16 mg/g
Portion weight: 0,7 g
Snus weight: 16,8 g/can

Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim

Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim



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