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Rallarsnus - A smoky and flavorful classic!

A welcomed visit from an old friend!

Rallarsnus is the second snus from Swedish Match’s ”Gästspel från förr”-series (Guest appearences from before). A series where classic Swedish snus get a chans to shine and to be enjoyed once more. Rallarsnus was an innovative snus for its time and was a big contributor to the snus-renaissance during the 70’s.

This classic snus made its debut the same year as Ingemar Stenmar won the alpine worldcup for the second time, the year ABBA’s ”Dancing Queen” was played on the radio all over the world and when Björn Borg started his 5 year Wimbledon-winning streak way back in 1976. Rallarsnus become an instant hit with its dark and smoky character. The hints of dried fruits, herbs, licorice and tar gave it a full-bodied and nuanced flavor that stood out amongst the competition. This bold and innovative expression also manifest itself in the iconic design of the can. The jeans-inspired can showed that it wanted to stand out and to usher in a new snus-era. Rallarsnus was and is easy to bake into portions and it deliver a quick yet delightfully long lasting release of both flavor and nicotine (7.5 mg/portion).

It has been roughly 10 years sice Rallarsnus was put on ice but now it’s finally back for a limited time. So if you want to enjoy a dark and smoky loose snus, make sure to order this classic online here at before it’s to late!

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