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Experience what the Swedish nature has to offer with Skruf Nyans

Skruf Nyans - Premium snus with nuanced flavors

Embark on a journey through the Swedish landscape with this new serie of snus from Skruf. A series with a truly fitting name, Skruf Nyans (Nuance). These three medium strong snus takes inspiration from the nature and deliver nuanced flavor that harmonizes perfectly with their mild tobacco blends. This small touch of flavor gives the snus a balanced and well-rounded character that's just waiting for to be explored.

The three different flavors:

Havsbris – This snus deliver a flavor experience reminiscent of a nice ocean breeze.

Jordskott – A snus that brings you along on a hike through the Swedish forests with its fruity tones of berries.

Solglimt – This summery snus refreshes your senses with its wonderful hints of citrus.

White portions and organic tobacco

Skruf Nyans uses organic tobacco and comes in white portions designed for comfortable fit and minimal drip. This low drip lenghtens the release of the lovely flavor and the pleasantly medium strong nicotine kick.

Do you want to expeirence different sides of the Swedish nature while enjoying a tasty snus? Try Skruf Nyans. You can now order them straight from our fresh stock online in our shop!

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Skruf Nyans



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