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Skruf's Super White-series gets two flavorsome additions

Tobacco free, all white and packed with tasty flavors

Let us introduce Skruf’s two latest additions to its tobacco free selection, Skruf Super White Slim Blackberry No.2 (Original) and Skurf Super White Slim Polar No.3 (Strong). Two familiar flavors that now comes in a more discreet package.

The nicotine pouches

These nicotine pouches are all white, tobacco free and slim. Their filling is made out of natural plant fibers. This innovative choice of filling ensures that the pouches stays completely white throughout the whole usage, which eliminates the risk of them staining your teeth. Their somewhat dry character minimizes the drip. This low amount of drip makes sure that the release of both nicotine and flavor last for a satisfyingly long time. Their slim size makes them fit really comfortable under your lip. The combination of these great qualites makes these flavorsome nicotine pouches wonderfully discreet to enjoy.

The flavors

Skruf Super White Slim BlackBerry No.2 (Original) has, as the name suggest, a fruity blackberry flavor. This delicious release of flavor is complemented by a medium strong and nice nicotine kick.

Skurf Super White Polar No.3 (Strong) has something special in store for you who loves licorice and who wants something stimulating. These strong nicotine pouches delivers a lovely licorice flavor topped with fresh hints of eucalyptus.

You can now order these two new and tasty newcomers from Skruf online in our shop right here at

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