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A powerful newcomer from LD - LD White Strong Portion

LD White Strong Portion - A snus that deliver traditional flavors and stimulating nicotine kicks

LD White Strong Portion is the latest from the manufacturer Nordic Snus and their LD brand. A white portion snus that deliver, just as LD White Portion, a classic snus flavor of well-rounded tobacco topped with tones of bergamot, but this time with stronger nicotine kicks (11 mg/portion).

LD White Strong Portion’s tobacco blend is made from three types of tobacco; Rustica, Burley and Krunool. The tobacco plants and leafs used are carefully selected in order to ensure highest quality. The tobacco is then ground down and a fresh dash of bergamot is added in order to give the snus its tasty flavor. The next step is to pack the blend inside convenient portions designed to fit comfortably and discreetly under your lip. The white character of the portions and their somewhat dry surfaces reduces the drip, which in turn ensures that the release of both nicotine and flavor last for a satisfyingly long time. 

LD White Strong Portion is a snus perfect for you who wants to enjoy classic flavors and strong kicks. It’s a snus that taste more than it costs that you now can order online right here at

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LD White Strong Portion



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