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Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion - An extremely strong newcomer with a classic flavor!

Buckle up and get ready, because we have some exciting news for all Siberia-fans out there! Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion is the latest addition to GN Tobacco’s popular and nicotine packed snus brand. It delivers the same extremely strong nicotine kicks (43 mg/g) that have made the snus from Siberia famous all over the world, but this time with a new flavor. Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion has a dark and full-bodied tobacco character which gives it a robust and classic snus flavor. Its humidified original portions are designed to provide an instant and intense release of both flavor and nicotine. Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion, a perfect choice for you who likes traditional flavors and who loves the stimulating rush of a truly powerful nicotine kick!

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Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion



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