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Highlights from this winter

The winter of 2022 has come to an end, and during this cold season we have seen some exciting additions to our big selection of products. Snus and tobacco free nicotine pouches from already established and famous brands, as well as newcomers from some new challengers!


VID is a tobacco free and all-white brand from the Swedish manufacturer Kurbits Snus. VID’s first batch of products offer a big and varied selection of tasty and refreshing flavors. Here you’ll find the powerful and minty VID Arctic Blast Extra Strong, the fruity VID Cool Citrus Strong and VID Fruit Fusion Strong as well as the delicious and flavorsome VID Fresh Cola Strong and VID Velvet Strong.

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T45 – A nicotine packed brand of snus from the Swedish manufacturer Kurbits Snus designed with you who’s looking for a stronger snus experience in mind! The snus from T45 use powerful tobacco blends that incorporates pure mint aromas and real menthol crystals for a refreshingly cool release of flavor. T45 offers a big selection of snus jam-packed with stimulating nicotine and intense mint flavors: T45 Cold Mint Extremely Strong White, T45 Cool Mint Extra Strong White, T45 Green Mint Extra Strong White and T45 Peppermint Extra Strong White.

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Skruf Super White Fresh Max #6 Regular – Tobacco free nicotine pouches from the Swedish snus-giant Skruf designed to max out your experience both when it comes to flavor and the deliverance of nicotine. Its all-white and regular sizes nicopods are filled to the seams with Skruf’s popular and refreshing “Fresh”-mint flavor, and they deliver ultra-strong nicotine kicks!

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HIT is a tobacco free brand from the popular manufacturer GN Tobacco famous for its nicotine packed brands Odens and Siberia, and HIT is no exception when it come to power and nicotine content. Today HIT offers a big selection of fruity and tasty flavors that all deliver intense nicotine kicks (15 mg/portion), and we’re looking forward to see what HIT has in store for the future.

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Fumi from the Swedish manufacturer The Snus Brothers is a tobacco free brand that during its relative short time on the market has made a name for itself with its tasty and exciting flavor combinations. Fumi has now finally released strong variants of its popular Salty-series. Here you’ll find fruity flavors complemented by delicious tones of salty licorice, and they all deliver powerful and stimulating nicotine kicks.

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DOPE - A dope name for a dope brand from the manufacturer Consumer Brands International. Dope’s tobacco free, all-white and discreet nicotine pouches deliver powerful nicotine kicks together with refreshing flavors such as the cool and minty Dope Freese Strong Slim and Dope Ice Cool Strong Slim as well as fruity flavor combinations such as Dope Ice Mango Strong Slim and Lime Smash Strong Slim.

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Snatch is a new, exciting and modern brand from the manufacturer Consusmer Brands International that delivers fresh, tasty and satisfyingly long-lasting flavors. In Snatch’s selection of tobacco free and all-white nicotine pouches you’ll find flavors such as Snatch Chilli Mint Strong Slim, Snatch Citrus Strong Slim, Snatch Forest Fruits Strong Slim and Snatch Frozen Strong Slim. One thing that they all got in common excluding their discreet and slim-sized nicopods is that they all deliver strong and stimulating nicotine kicks.

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