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G.4 FU-ZN Slim All White Portion

G.4 FU-ZN Slim All White Portion

When you open the lid of this snus the first thing that hits you is the sweet and sour fruity scent. G.4 FU:ZN an all white snus with the flavor of green apple and spearmint with a hint of coconut and vanilla, slim and moistened bags that fit easly under your lip. A long lasting flavor experience with a strong kick!

Type: All White Slim Portion
Nicotine: 1,9%
Portion weight: 0.8 g
Snus weight: 19,2 g/can


Price per Can: 5.65 USD Cans:
Price per Roll: 47.98 USD = 1 Point
Rolls(10 Cans):

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