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Kapz Hot Watermelon Mint Strong Mini

Kapz Hot Watermelon Mint Strong Mini

Kapz Hot Watermelon Mint Strong Mini – An innovative, tobacco free and all-white snus that offers a stimulating and flavorful experience in a discreet way. These small mini-nicotine pouches deliver strong nicotine kicks (7.9 mg/portion) together with a delicious flavor combination of sweet watermelon and hot chili, which is then topped by cool mint from the portion’s click-capsule.

Kapz is a brand that offers something unique. Inside each portion there is a click-capsule that gives the experience a new dimension of flavor. You can either allow the capsule to dissolve by itself to get a delayed release of its minty content, or you can click and break it before you place the all-white portion under your lip to combine the flavors directly. The filling used consists of natural plant fibers. The lack of tobacco means that these nicopods won’t leave any brown stains on your teeth and that they drip minimally.

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Price per Can: 8.36 USD Cans:
Price per Roll: 70.36 USD = 1 Point
Rolls(10 Cans):

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