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Can: 5.65 USD
Roll: 47.98 USD

G.4 FU-ZN Slim All White Portion

Slim, tasty and extra strong G.4 FU:ZN with the flavor of sour green apple and sweet spearmint.

Price per Can: 5.65 USD (37g of which 19.2g snus)
Price per Roll: 47.98 USD (370g of which 192g snus) = 1p
Rolls(10 Cans):
In stock
Can: 3.70 USD
Roll: 31.47 USD

Offroad Melon White Mini Portion

Offroad with a a fresh and sweet flavor of melon.
The mini portions are very discreet when being used and the white portions provides a long lasting flavor.

Price per Can: 3.70 USD (20g of which 6g snus)
Price per Roll: 31.47 USD (200g of which 60g snus) = 1p
Rolls(10 Cans):
In stock