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Ettan Kardus

Ettan Kardus on SnusAuction  

Ettan Loose is packaged by hand, the same way as snus was packaged for over 200 years ago, at the Tobaco and Match Museum in Stockholm. The package is called Kardus and contains 250 grams of snus.

For over 40 years ago the characteristic round box was introduced. Before that, snus was sold in oval shaped cardboard boxes, as the Swedish tobacco monopoly decided that a product should be sold in a sealed package. These boxes contained either 50 or 100 grams of snus. Before that, snus was sold in bulk from the snus shops wooden barrels, porcelain jars and glass bottles.

One of the oldest consumer packages is called Kardus, or “letter tobacco”, because they simply wrapped a paper around a product just like a letter. At Tobaco and Match Museum in Stockholm Ettan is now packaged using this historical method.

The Ettan Kardus contains 250 grams and are signed and dated. They are only available at Tobacco and Match Museum – and also at SnusAuction!

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