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Tobacco free and all white nicotine pouches packed with minty flavors!

Shiro (Japanese for white) and its nicotine pouches takes you on a journey to the snow covered peak of Mt. Fuji. Up there, 3776 m.a.s.l, the air is fresh and the winds refreshingly cold. Trapped under this dormant volcano there is a tremendously powerful depot of energy. Shiro closely resembles this iconic Japanese landmark in spirit. Its nicotine pouches are just as white as the snow on the peak, as fresh as the mountain air and variant such as Shiro Strong Cool Mint Slim All White deliver powerfull nicotine kicks.

The experts over at the manufacturer AG Snus makes this possible by using an innovative filling made out of natural cellulose fibers. This tobacco free filling gives the pouches their all white character and some pretty neat qualities. They’re somewhat drier than portions that uses traditional tobacco blends. This dryness reduces they drip which in turn ensures that the release of both flavor and nicotine last longer. Since the pouches are tobacco free there’s no potential risk of them staining your teeth. The slim format makes these nicotine pouches optimized for a discreet and comfortable fit.

Climb to the peak of Mt Fuji with Shiro. These tobacco free nicotine pouches are perfect for you who want to enjoy something discreet, energizing and packed with refreshing flavors. Shiro – Pure flavor for you!

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