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Mocca Snus – The new Mocca Macchiato

Mocca snus from Fiedler & Lundgren

The things that appeal to long time users of Swedish snus are not the same things that will attract and satisfying the younger, more modern users of smokeless tobacco. Whereas older users might seek out robust and traditional flavors, newer consumers look for bright flavors, sleek packaging that can identify with their fast-paced lifestyles and low nicotine and carcinogen levels. Produced by Fiedler & Lundgren, Mocca Snus offers all of those things, and has become increasingly popular with a younger set of snus consumers.

Unlike most chewing tobaccos made in the United States, and other brands of Swedish style snus, Mocca Snus is made in the state of the art Fiedler & Lundgren facility through an advanced air curing process. The facility also boasts a fully automated production process that ensures no human hands have ever touched the raw materials or completed snus while it is in production. That’s why when you open a new can of Mocca Snus, you can be sure that it is completely free of contamination and that yours are the only hands that have ever touched it. Mocca Snus is available in a variety of modern flavors as well, such as pomegranate, anise and mint.

Now Fiedler & Lundgren has launched a new Mocca snus. The Mocca Macchiato with a nice flavor of coffee. It still comes in white mini portions and still in the same nice round metal cans. Mocca Macchiato

Mocca Macchiato

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