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Gotland Snus

Gotland Snus
Gotlandssnus is a small Gotlandic maker of quality snus. According to them the small size is their strength. It allows them the opportunity to be very flexible and perceptive to requests and wishes from their quality-conscious customers.

Gotlandssnus is building on three generations of snus experience, a solid requirement when you want to make good snus. The first snus on Gotland was produced in 1741, then at Visby Tobaksspinneri (Visby Tobacco Mill). They try to carry on this tradition by making a full-bodied and tasty snus of the highest quality.

The distinction of their products depends partly on their use of highest quality raw material. Another important factor is that their snus is made with craftsmanship leaving nothing left to chance.

Their products contain a low level of carcinogenic nitrosamines (TSNA). This is thanks to hard development work and Gotlandssnus’ long cooperation with Kent Sänd, who was a recognized researcher and expert in snus production.

A programme of continuous development work has resulted in our choice of specially selected raw material and they today use a production technique that effectively minimizes carcinogenic nitrosamines (TSNA).

It has to be safe to use Gotlandssnus!

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